Getting started

Step out of the treatmill...

....and sally out for an adventure!

Time for changes – time for setting sails

Spend the days rather on the sea than in the office! Wake up to the slight beating of the waves instead the nerve-racking buzz of the alarm clock, inhale the fresh and salty breeze instead standing at the bus station...

If not forever, then at least for some precious days, weeks and month.

But with the idea also the questions start to develop:

  • Which route to take?

  • Which boat is the right one? How to fund?

  • Can I ever make it? How long will it take?

The list of questions seems to be endless and it still grows....
This is the first attempt to sort my thoughts, ask the right questions and perhaps find the possible answers.


Don't get me wrong: This page does not intend to provide a blueprint, an advice or any instructions. It simply reflects my own, personal experience and shall not encourage anybody to do anything!

The full disclaimer (oh gosh how easy was it in the very early days of the internet where such disclaimers were not necessary and not behind every corner there was lurking someone to twist every said word) can be found in the disclaimer section.

Setting up for a sailing adventure comes with more questions than answers

I must admit that this all still is very confusing to me: I have read books from famous circumnavigators like Winfried Erdman, Bobby Schenk and Laura Dekker as well as plenty of blogs from blue water sailors - young and old, rich and on a budget, alone or with family and little children.
I spent hours and hours in sailing forums and read discussions about the required preparation, the dangers and problems on board, threats from nature and those from men. And the more I read, the more questions and the less answers I find.
Only reading different forums about the selection of a yacht can be quite disillusioning - one will find coherent arguments that only a superior yacht from a expensive brand will be good enough for such an endeavor. And I am sure this is a fail-safe argument: If I had to cross a desert and have the full choice I would probably select a brand-new Mercedes G63 with a reinforced chassis and all the super-duper equipment offered, a dedicated supply truck and if possible take a second as a spare part, just for the safety. In reality a well-kept Toyota Land Cruiser with the necessary gas, maintenance parts, food, water and safety equipment will also do its job.

How to start a sailing adventure?

On this blog, I will keep track of my thoughts, questions, achievements and failures during the preparation for this trip. It all starts with the typical questions: How? Who? Where? When? Why? (The only easy one to answer, by the way.) These questions are so individual and general that it does make sense to discuss or analyze them. Only the result is relevant: A sailing trip around the world, which will take about 3 to 4 years, with friends and family. Very soon after these basic questions are answered it comes to the more complex and tricky questions: Do I have the necessary skills? How can I obtain the required knowledge? Or should I rather wait and gain experience for the next few years? What boat shall get? Where to buy? How can I fund this all? What shall I do with my job - I cannot just quit, or can I? How shall I manage that all? Also, everyone is already asking for the route - of which I have no idea yet. I am sure everyone who has undertaken something for the first time was overwhelmed by the numerous questions and doubts which will occur sooner or later.

Is it all too much?

Now to speak a few honest words: My passion for the sea started already when I was a child and with my parents I spent each and every year on the beautiful Adriatic coast which is spotted over and over with island surrounded by perfectly clear and deep blue water. But I have never even dreamt of the opportunity to be on one of these beautiful yachts which could explore all those hidden and lonely bays away from the crowded beaches on the main shores.

Inspired from a very good friend some 6 years ago, the decision was made to get a boat license. A short preparation, a bit of studying, a few training hours and the and the exam was passed. Since then I cannot imagine of a more relaxing and diverse way to spend ones’ vacation. The sea has captivated me entirely.

Well, before I continue to rhapsodize about the beauty of sailing I will keep it with the facts.

So, with not really much more than 1.500 NM of sailing experience I made the decision to spend more time at sea, not just one or two weeks every year.

Of course it needs more experience to become a salty sailior and apart from passion for summer, sun and sea and the enthusiasm to go for an adventure I have only the ability to learn quickly and the will to enjoy life as much as possible.