Track an Position

Track and Position

If there is internet and power Seatramps position will be regularily updated here.

Friends on board

– “What is a good time to come over and help you drinking a few beers?”
– “Have a look on the calender below!”

Estimated route for our Atlantic crossing from Kap Verde to Barbados

Current Position

Track summary

Guests on board

Leaving home always means also leaving family and friends. In this case not forever, but probably for quite some time. Coming over for a coffe or a beer in the evening will not be that easy. Therefore a visit on the yacht from beloved ones is for sure an exciting event! Sharing memories is in my opinion the best way to keep up the remembrance for a long time.
Although a good party usually follows the rule: "The more the merrier" the availiable space on Seatramp is somewhat limited. To avoid that someone has to sleep on the dinghi it might be a good idea to plan a bit ahead. The calendar shows when there are already guests on board and the likelyhood to have a slight shortage of comfy roosts might occur.

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